Mini Goddess Bodies (Pregnant)
Mini Goddess Bodies (Pregnant)
Mini Goddess Bodies (Pregnant)
Mini Goddess Bodies (Pregnant)

Mini Goddess Bodies (Pregnant)

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Hand-carved | Self-Standing | Approx 1.25” tall

Blue Aventurine
  • self-discipline & decisiveness
  • communication
  • overcoming self-sabotaging behaviors
  • intuition
  • calming & soothing
  • helps quiet the mind. great for meditation 
  • encourages empathy & compassion
  • helps ease frustration, impatience & anger
  • helps ease insomnia 
  • Protection
  • Grounding
  • Dissolves emotional blocks
  • Shields against negativity


  • Communication
  • Calming
  • Connection to higher self

*Opalite is a man-made glass and is not a naturally occurring crystal. Still, many believe it to hold metaphysical properties.

Your GEM will be intuitively selected. Each crystal is unique in appearance and shape. Our crystals are a product of nature, therefore imperfections or blemishes may be present.