Moldavite Pendant- L 🛸 (2.2 grams)
Moldavite Pendant- L 🛸 (2.2 grams)
Moldavite Pendant- L 🛸 (2.2 grams)

Moldavite Pendant- L 🛸 (2.2 grams)

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  • Genuine moldavite tektite
  • Origin: Czech Republic
  • Pendant weight: 2.2 grams
  • Set in sterling silver
  • 18" stainless steel chain included. Tarnish-resistant. Perfect for sensitive skin.

You will receive the exact GEM pictured. *Please note:  gold/colored reflections on sterling silver are reflections from camera, not tarnished silver. These GEMZ are high quality! 💎😊

  • transformation
  • connection with higher self/ higher dimensions
  • manifestation
  • insight
Get in, Gemzies, we’re going to another dimension! Whether you’re looking to push past limiting beliefs or simply figure out what sets your soul on fire, Moldavite can be your guide. This powerful tektite can also usher in vivid dreams that help you deal with anything lurking in your subconscious and is said to send a warm, tingling sensation through the bodies of those who come in contact with it. Ready for some major transformation? Moldavite is your GEM!