Sardonyx Pebbles
Sardonyx Pebbles
Sardonyx Pebbles
Sardonyx Pebbles

Sardonyx Pebbles

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Carnelian 🔥  Meets Onyx! ⚫️ 
Origin: Madagascar
High Grade | Polished

What's a pebble?
Pebbles are similar to palm stones, but are a bit thicker. Palm stones also tend to be oval or circle shaped, while pebbles can have more of a free-form.

  • Motivation
  • Passion
  • Protection
  • Strength
  • Confidence
  • Supports lower 3 chakras

Please select the style that resonates with you! Your exact crystal will be intuitively selected. Each crystal is unique in appearance and shape. Our crystals are a product of nature, therefore imperfections or blemishes may be present.