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Safety Warning/Disclaimer: Avoid Sunlight Exposure for Quartz Crystals

We care about you & your safety is important to us. Please read the following safety warning/disclaimer regarding sunlight exposure to prevent potential fire hazards.

Please note, this disclaimer applies to all varieties of quartz crystals (including, but not limited to: clear quartz, amethyst, rose quartz, citrine, smoky quartz). However, please be mindful that any item that magnifies sunlight may pose this risk.

  1. Avoid Sunlight Exposure: Quartz crystals should not be left in direct sunlight or exposed to intense heat sources for extended periods of time. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause a magnifying effect, potentially leading to fires or damage.

  2. Fire Hazard: Sunlight, when passing through or reflecting off the crystal, can concentrate the sun's rays to a level that may ignite combustible materials nearby. This can pose a serious fire hazard, endangering your property, belongings, and personal safety.